The Company Quinuabol S.R.L.

It began its activities on June 6, 1998 with a plant in the town of Lahuachaca belonging to the city of La Paz, due to the growing demand it was decided to open a new plant in the city of Oruro km 10.5 Pan-American highway Vichuloma community to achieve satisfaction the needs of our customers.

Since the beginning of our activities, we specialize in the beneficiation of quinoa in its three white, black and red organic varieties, obtaining certification of organic production through the CERES certifier based on strict compliance with European Union, United States and European Union standards. Glen.

Over the years we have incorporated production lines of quinoa by-products such as flour, pipoca and flakes with the aim of providing the population with healthy food. We have an excellent group of people who are permanently trained in order to be updated to the changes presented by the scope of our market.
Our main objective is to achieve a permanent improvement in our activities in order to provide a product that ensures quality and safety, in order to achieve customer satisfaction as a final goal.

We are proud to inform that since May 2015, the quality and safety management system of Quinoa Bol S.R.L has been certified according to ISO NB 9001: 2008 and ISO 22000: 2005 revalidated in May 2018.

Quinoabol S.R.L

It is a company that specializes in the processing of certified organic royal quinoa, its derivatives and other Andean cereals.

We work with more than two hundred producers organized in associates and with independent producers of the South Altiplano located in the province Ladislao Cabrera of the department of Oruro and Daniel Campos province of the department of Potosí, through production and marketing contracts.

The perspective and broad growth of the world Quinoa - Quinoa consumption in the countries of South and North America, Asia and Europe converge to a growth of consumption and production of Quinoa Real, offered by QUINOABOL SRL. is driven to export with quality safety and control, under the certifications and standards that ensure the legal and reliable commercialization before current & future customers and consumers of the prestigious authentic and original Gold Grain.


Produce and commercialize organic pearly quinoa and by-products (flour, flakes and pipocas) with high standards of quality and food safety for the national and international market.


To be the leading company in production and commercialization of organic pearly quinoa and by-products (flour, flakes and pipocas), expanding in a greater proportion in the international market under the fulfillment of standards of quality and food safety.

Quality policy and food safety

QUINOABOL S.R.L. is committed to the production of organic Quinoa - Quinoa pearl and the by-products (flour, flakes and pipocas) with the highest standards of quality and safety that guarantee that all our customers can acquire healthy and safe product that meet all the requirements With the corresponding legal requirements to implement, all relevant levels of the organization are passionately committed to ensuring that the product, processes, procedures, and facilities comply with the stringent quality and food safety standards to meet these standards, we must:

• To work together with our clients, in this way to comply with the technical specifications, aspiring to increase their satisfaction.

• Maintain all personnel with up-to-date food safety training by providing the means and facilities to maintain high safety standards.

• Promote and permanently implement technology for efficient processing and apply an internal control system, which guarantees obtaining organic pearly Quinoa - Quinoa.


Raul Veliz Mamani

Owner manager

We appreciate the invaluable interest in visiting our website, we have dedicated these pages to the sacred and ancient food more healthy and complete as it is the Royal Quinoa - Royal Quinoa in the intersalar zone of the Andes and Altiplano of Bolivia in South America.

We are sure that you will find in our products the solution to take care of your food & health, our organic and natural products arrive at your table from Bolivia, because the Quinua Real is from the highlands in the Andes around the salt flats and Uyuni and Coipasa volcanoes (Thunupa), Quinoa Real is the solution to modern, healthy, nutritious and gluten-free food, appropriate for people who consume a celiac food.

Quinoabol S.R.L.

Do not hesitate to contact us to make and start future business, we consider and offer the lowest and most competitive prices in the world market of the original Quinoa Real intersalar, with the slogan from producer to consumer.