The company QUINOABOL SRL. production began on June 6, 1998, with domicile in the town of Lachuachaca, province of Aroma, department of La Paz, 123 km. on the La Paz Oruro Pan-American Highway.

It is a company that specializes in the processing of Royal Quinoa, its derivatives and other Andean cereals. It also has commercial relations with sesame producers in the department of Santa Cruz, for the world market.
QUINOA-BOL S.R.L. I work with more than two hundred producers organized in associates and with independent producers of the South Altiplano located in the Ladislao Cabrera province of the department of Oruro and the Daniel Campos province of the department of Potosí, through production and marketing contracts.

Export worldwide

The perspective and broad growth of the world consumption of Quinoa in the countries of South and North America, Asia and Europe converge to a growth of consumption and production of Quinoa Real, offered by QUINOABOL SRL. is driven to export with quality safety and control, under the certifications and standards that ensure legal and reliable commercialization before current & amp; future customers and consumers of the prestigious authentic and original Golden Grano.